Kanye West Previews New "Yhandhi" Tracks In 2nd Episode Of “Sunday Service” 

Last week marked the first in a series of evangelized "Sunday Services" hosted by a born-again Kanye West. Despite its suggestive tone, "Sunday Services," as hosted by Kanye West, are pretty much, glorified jam sessions, bongos and all. The musicians assembled for the weekly simulcast have prior experience recording in the G.O.O.D. Music coven.

The first episode saw Kanye West link up with Kid Cudi, Tony Williams, and 070 Shake to perform unstitched versions of "Reborn," "I Wonder," and "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1." 

But in week two things went a little differently, with Kanye West sitting out the first half of action. When he finally joined the musicians on stage mid-swing, it was to premiere a newly-revised version of "Ghost Town," a demo of which already exists by his own admission - at the 36-minute mark.

Then at the 26:30-mark of the video, Kanye West performs a previously unheard song called "We’ll Find a Way," with no vocal parts whatsoever. Kanye simply bops to a pulsating beat as the song trudges along to a glorious clef note. Later on, he sings a Gospel-version of Michael Jackson's "Will You Be There," following a few choice remarks about the forthcoming Leaving Neverland documentary. Check out the new Yandhi recording in the instrumental format it was presented, enjoy!

Yung Baby Tate Taps Mulatto & Killumantii For "Pretty Girl" Remix 

If you're a fan of a solid anthem of self-love and unapologetic assertion, look no further than Yung Baby Tate's latest offering: a remix to her "Pretty Girl" track, featuring fellow Atlanta rising stars Mulatto and Killumantii. Produced by Tate herself, "Pretty Girl" instantly evokes memories of lady-oriented tracks of the early aughts that continue to serve as timeless cues of confidence. 

 "When I originally made the beat for 'Pretty Girl,' I was inspired by some of the Atlanta classics I grew up with like 'Laffy Taffy' and 'Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It,'" Tate tells The FADER. "I wanted this record to feel that way too, but to also have a powerful message for the girls!"

"Pretty Girl" is set to be featured on Tate's forthcoming GIRLS project, set for arrival in February. She has already launched teasers for the new effort, recruiting a group of women to take on the roles of different girls, including Cozy Girl, Freaky Girl, and Bad Girl among others.

 "GIRLS is a conversation about women and how dope we are," Tate continues. "Expect to be reminded that you are 'That Girl' every morning. Expect bops. Expect to dance. Expect to love yourself and the women around you a little bit more." 


Quotable Lyrics

Pretty girl, I'm a bad girl,
I'm a trap girl, got my own shit
No back and forth with a bum bitch
Hate a pretty girl who ain't on shit
Own whip, own crib,
I ain't even have to fuck for it
These bitches fucking rich niggas
And they ain't got shit to show for it


Tinashe Reportedly Splits With RCA Records 

Tinashe seems to have been removed from the RCA banner. The single, who has a history of struggling with the label, no longer appears on their website. An error message pops up for those who try to access what used to be her profile on the RCA website. Tinashe seemed to refer to this in one of her social media posts, a screengrab of the message that reads "404 Not Found - The requested resource could not be found." Some sources claim the artist was dropped, but this has yet to be stated officially. Considering her history with RCA, the decision may have been a mutual one.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

While separation from a label could hinder an artist's career, this change might actually lead to greater things for the singer. She opened up about the struggles she faced as a major label artist over the years, from her label giving away songs to other acts to their efforts to trap her in a box musically and brand-wise. Tinashe may finally be on her way to claiming independence.

"In a more metaphorical sense, I’d like for people to take away that I’m really the master of my own destiny," she affirmed back March of 2018. "I’m really curating my art, and I’m not just a pretty face or a cute girl or just someone who can sing a little catchy song and do a little dance routine. It’s way deeper than that for me. I want people to connect with that."

Mike Dean Says He Sang "Piss On You" Right To R. Kelly's Face 

This afternoon, Mike Dean engaged with a Twitter user who persisted with a false narrative about his "relationship" with R. Kelly. It all started when the Twitter user in question, @Sharkytank, tried linking Dean and R. Kelly in a negative light, on the basis on their contributions to Kanye West's "To the World."

The record is among the select cuts that made up Kanye West Presents Good Music Cruel Summer, for which Mike Dean was indubitably involved in mixing all the elements including "To the World," in the broader sense of the project's vision. R. Kelly performs just about every vocal arrangement on the "To the World," except for a tiny verse rapped by Kanye West, and the song's outro sung by Teyana Taylor. For what it's worth, Mike Dean isn't even listed among the song's producers, retroactively speaking.

Mike Dean continued to refute the Twitter users claims of "compliance" with R. Kelly. The more @Sharkytank pressed, the more it became apparent they had entered a rhetorical nightmare with no end in sight. The user suggested Mike Dean be held responsible for taking the song down from services, and made few other presumptuous demands before the Rap-A-Lot producer decided to hasten his approach in one swift motion.

 Mike Dean proceeded to share his account of the time he met reportedly bumped into R. Kelly at the 2003 BMI Awards. As Dean puts it, R. Kelly openly hates him, because Dean's first impulse when making his acquaintance was to sing the Dave Chappelle parody "Piss On You" right to his face. "We (Dean etc.) were clowning him (R. Kelly). And i sang. Piss on u. Piss on u. Gimme that poo poo. Gimme that pee pee. Etc etc." Dean wrote in response to the Twitter users' persistence. "i haven’t fucked with him. For a minute. So plz admit u have no clue."

Believe what you want to believe, but Mike Dean isn't going down without a fight.

Kehlani Shares Mac Miller Text Messages In Celebration Of His Birthday 

Today would have been the Mac Miller turned 27. His fans and friends are honoring him in many ways on this special day. Some have planned events while others turned to social media to honor his memory. Kehlani came through with a personal exchange they had before his passing. It refers to her unborn child. The screenshot she shared via social media reveals how excited the late rapper was when he received the news of her being pregnant. 

"That's so awesome you have a little Kehlani in there," he wrote. Khelani responded in agreement, "I'm really so so excited." Then the emcee offered some of the humor he is known for by joking about a potential name for the kid. "If it's a boy the name Malcom is so solid," he suggested. "Just saying. Powerful strong name." Kehlani acquiesced, "Lot of powerful Malcoms in the world." The singer shared the screengrab with a sweet caption: "happy birthday doode. wish you could meet her. love you."

Kehlani has indeed found her pregnancy to be a joyous chapter. "We are more present than i have ever been alone, more strong than i have ever been on my own. 6 months and i feel like time is flying," she stated, referring to her oven bun. "This is my most favorite journey i have ever embarked on, the greatest path i have ever taken."

Ariana Grande Pauses To Celebrate Mac Miller's 27th Birthday 

Two simple words were all it took for Ariana Grange to pass a moratorium on her frantic lifestyle, on the birthday of her beloved Malcolm James McCormick. Her Twitter posting of "miss u." elicited a chain reaction of fan support, unlike anything she'd been subjected to following his untimely death. That's to say, the positive regard certainly goes a long way in consoling her sadness and regrets. Mac Miller would have been 27 years old today.

Shortly thereafter, Ariana posted what appears to be a photo of better times (spent together) in the studio. After bravely taking the stand, so to speak, in the immediate aftermath of his death, Ariana's messages to Mac Miller no longer require a deeper subtext. Comparatively-speaking, the video caption Ariana posted a week after Ma's death pushed the character limit on IG to its final threshold. See with your own two eyes.

"i adored you from the day i met you when i was nineteen and i always will. i can't believe you aren't here anymore. i really can't wrap my head around it. we talked about this. so many times," she captioned. "i'm so mad, i'm so sad i don't know what to do. you were my dearest friend. for so long. above anything else. i'm so sorry i couldn't fix or take your pain away. i really wanted to. the kindest, sweetest soul with demons he never deserved. i hope you're okay now. rest."

As TMZ has stated, Ariana Grande continues to grapple with the loss of her ex-lover. And though many hip-hop fans feel entitled to the same intimacy, channeled through Mac's deep convictions as an artist, Ariana Grande has the memory of past gift exchanges and such, to grovel over. Happy Birthday Mac Miller, and all the best to Ariana Grande, and those entrusted with the McCormick family crest.

Cardi B Offers Sex Life Update & Fans Flip Out With Hilarious Reactions 

Cardi B is still wildin' out here. After broadcasting her horny desires to the masses of the past couple of weeks, the rapper stays on the generous TMI tip. According to her claims, she and her "estranged" husband Offset linked up while they were both in France. She revealed that his good looks caused her to fall into temptation. "Babyfather was lookin too fine in Paris ooo Lala my pussy on his forehead 😎"

Many of her fans reacted to her tweet with a mix of surprise and delight, that was balanced out by disappointment and side-eyeing. One social media user reacted with shock, referring to Cardi by her government name as if she were her child. View the hilarious reactions after the jump.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

While sleeping with a spouse usually wouldn't cause a fuss, the response is due to the ongoing saga between both rappers. Fans, as well as fellow artists, have been clamoring for a reunion after the couple split up due to Offset's apparent infidelity. His questionable apology and subsequent efforts to win his wife back seem to be doing the trick, at least in terms of their sexual connection. Time will tell if his game is enough to fortify their marriage.

Tyga, Future & James Blake Dominate This Week's "FIRE EMOJI" Playlist 

This week's edition of the FIRE EMOJI playlist brings forth a relentless emotional outpouring from Future Hendrixx. For possibly the first time ever, a FIRE EMOJI entrant has finished on the podium for three consecutive weeks. And on some level, Future has never been more deserving of his spot in the final three. "Servin Killa Kam" isn't the only song on The WIZRD to feature a nod to a famous Harlemite, but with all due respect, it's been singled for a reason - he gives you the palpable warzone effect, in the comfort of your own home.

Otherwise, Tyga's new banger "Floss in the Bank" begged for inclusion, and with that, our minds sailed off into the nearest imaginary strip club. If Future pitches an unrelenting emotional experience in his music, and sometimes high levels of despondency, Tyga is occupied the very opposite lane. As every single one of his song is best served at nightclub levels of noise exposure. May the "d.a. doman" be with you, every time you wave goodbye.

Last but not least, the FIRE EMOJI playlist accounts for two whole songs from James Blake's new project Assumed Form. At his very best, Blake is a genreless, yet sentient "creator" driven by an everlasting pensive mood. And for some odd reason, that's exactly what endears to him to the rap crowd. This week's FIRE EMOJI list features both "Where's the Catch?" with Andre 3000, and "Miles High" with Metro Boomin and Travis Scott. Also on our list this week: YNW Melly, Casanova, DaVido, Kanye West, Octavian, Take a Daytrip, DJ Mustard, Migos and many more.

Listen to the FIRE EMOJI and follow all of HNHH Spotify playlists below.


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Ariana Grande Reacts To "7 Rings" Ripoff Claims: "Shift Your Energy" 

Ariana Grande's recent releases have caused a lot of buzz. Her latest single, "7 Rings," caught some attention for negative reasons, however. Many people noticed how her new track resembled previously released songs by other artists, citing Princess Nokia's "Mine" and Soulja Boy's "Pretty Boy Swag." Although Ariana does not appear to have commented on these two entertainers specifically, she has addressed the situation via Twitter.

Her response to the drama is in line with her brand of positivity, in contrast to her following's attacks against Princess Nokia. Rather than assuming a defensive stance or even joining the bashing, the singer decided to praise the collaborators that helped her bring "7 Rings" to the public. Apparently, it took 4 additional minds to write the song people have deemed to be a ripoff. 

"i wouldn’t have made this celebratory bop or feel ‘okay’ these days w/o my brilliant, gentle and funny friends who get me drunk, write songs w me & help me heal," she wrote. "i am tremendously grateful for u. 🖤 pls support them in their art: @TAYLAPARX @VictoriaMonet @NJOMZA @Kaydenceis"

After giving credit to her colleagues, she asked her fans to stop being concerned with the online haterade and focus on the talent of the women she mentioned. "shift your attention here," she suggested. "these women are impeccable and they are who you should be talking about. love."

9th Wonder On Producing Smif N Wessun Album: "Legends Can Still Do It" 

Smif N Wessun is back. The duo just dropped visuals for "Testify" a few weeks after the release of their "Let It Go" music video. The new joints come ahead of the artists' upcoming project entitled The All. The LP is headed by producer 9th wonder who has commented on the collaboration's intentions behind the album.

"My goal is to make sure that we cement the legacy of the artist, but at the same time update the artist. We came up with the concept of  The All (based on a speech from Louis Farrakhan), you can never underestimate the essence of Islam in Hip-Hop. Given the fact that SNW are both Muslim and so many others are as well, we couldn't forget that part."

9th explains how the new project will reflect the rappers' maturity. "We wanted them to talk about stuff they wouldn't normally talk about on records, as they are in a different point in their lives, very grown man. It gives something to our generation to listen to, appreciate and celebrate without feeling old, without feeling outdated. We also wanted to let them know, the legends can still do it."

The project drops on February 22 via Duck Down Records. The All is available for pre-order here.

 Al Pereira/WireImage

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