Slimmy Trimmy: Torrei Hart Shows Off Her Skinny Keto Diet Cakes

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Source: Cassidy Sparrow / Getty

Torrei Hart has been looking GOOD and staying healthy lately — she’s doing so well she’s been sharing her dietary secrets. The entertainer has adopted a new lifestyle with a the Keto diet. If you haven’t heard of it, Keto is a diet for people looking to stay lean and it involves eating foods high in fat. Doing this puts your body in ketosis, which is where fat burns at a high rate, hence the name.

So far, Torrei has loved her Keto results, she been sharing her secrets online and in a book. She’s recently released a collection of her keto recipes in a book called “Skinny Bish Keto”.

Hit the flip to see photos of Torrei’s slimmy trimmy results after sticking to keto.

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